The Worlds Most Prolific Blogger (Isn't me)

I always have the best of intentions about blogging. I’ll do it when I finally get to sit down in the evenings, when the kids are in bed, when I have a spare minute between graphic design, between illustration, between… well life. But then when I finally sit down on the couch at night I end up chatting to my husband or (let’s be honest, more often) watching the latest dramatic show I’m being consumed by while online shopping for horse gear. Or clothes. Or homewares. Ok let’s be honest. I get excited about shopping for basically anything. I resent myself a little for getting so much enjoyment out of “consuming”. But that’s a whole other conversation. This one was supposed to be about blogging. And how I should do it more but I don’t.

What are your tips and tricks? What’s your motivation?

Hope you’re all well out in cyber-land



Laura ShallcrassComment