Using Gold Leaf Sheets

Tonight I thought I'd share a little about what goes into making my hand embellished, 24 karat, gold leaf, giclee prints. (Boy, what a mouthful!) and to be honest it is a bit of a process, so it's kind of fitting.

I start with a fresh giclee print and my supplies on a clean work surface. I've been using Norris 24 Karat gold leaf and Norris Size, which is the glue you use to apply gold leaf. I also have a small clean paintbrush, synthetic is better for working with size, a pencil and a cup of herbal tea. Essentials. 

I then mark where I'm going to put the flecks. The size is clear when it goes on so it's hard to remember where I put it which is why I mark the places I want it.

Then I apply the size, wait for it to semi-dry then apply the gold leaf. Then I use a very soft mottler brush to dust off any stray flecks of gold leaf.

After that they're signed, numbered and ready for packaging. 

Laura Shallcrass